What is Acupuncture?:  It is an ancient practice developed in China of inserting very small needles through the skin to promote health and normalize bodily functions.  It is especially useful in veterinary medicine to decrease pain from injury or arthritis and to improve neurologic function. 

Medical Based Acupuncture uses a combination of eastern and western perspectives which results in a comprehensive treatment regimen.  We use a combination of traditional Chinese meridians and western trigger point therapy to direct needle placement.

Does Acupuncture hurt?:  The sensation is like a small pinprick.  Most animals do not mind their treatments and actually start to associate pain relief with coming in for acupuncture.  We see pretty amazing results in our geriatric population. 

How long are treatments and how often do they have to be performed?:  In general, each treatment session will last approximately 30 minutes.  Most patients are started on a treatment regimen of one treatment session a week for 3 weeks.  If it a chronic problem, then the patients usually continue to come in every 2-6 weeks, as needed, for their particular condition.  The first appointment is an initial evaluation and treatment session that will be set for 60 min.  We will discuss client expectations and develop a treatment plan at that first visit.

Can cats get acupuncture?:  Absolutely!!!!  For cats that travel well and are pretty laid back, acupuncture can be a wonderful means of delivering pain management.  If they have osteoarthritis, an injury, or renal disease, acupuncture has been shown to help kitties too.