Our Hospital’s Operations During COVID-19

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Covid-19 Update

Updated September 2, 2020


As we all know at this point, COVID has changed everything for many of us. We are so appreciative of your continued support and patience as we introduce new in-hospital protocols and procedures. While we extremely excited to have you back in the clinic with your pet, in our effort to keep everyone safe, we are asking for you to follow a few guidelines. 

Starting September 2nd, we are asking that only one person accompany their pet into the building. If you are unable to find alternative care for your children, please let us know and we are happy to see your pet using our curbside protocol.

To maintain personal distancing requirements, we may need to separate you and your pet for a brief time so that your veterinarian can do a thorough exam outside of the exam room, and/or to perform necessary diagnostics or treatments. While this separation is true of any visit, we are sorry for any inconvenience that this new normal may create for you.

All technician appointments and surgery check-ins will continue to be completed using our current curbside protocol. For these brief appointments, we are focused on minimizing the exposure of our clients and staff.

Emergency arrivals will be brought inside only if there is an exam room available. Patients without an appointment will likely have to continue to be seen curbside only, depending on exam room availability.

Please remember to bring your cellphone with you, as it will be needed to communicate with our hospital team. If you do not own a cellphone, let us know when you make your pet’s appointment and we can do our best to accommodate you.

What to expect when you come into Arvada Veterinary Hospital

• Please call when you arrive in the hospital parking lot.
• When you call, you will be asked to answer a brief health survey.
• All clients need to wear masks throughout their pet’s appointment.
• The Room Assistant will meet you at your vehicle or arrange to meet you at the front door of the clinic. They will take your temperature upon entering the facility. Hand sanitizer or gloves will be available for your use on a stand inside the door.
• If our exam rooms are full, we may need to see your pet using our curbside protocol.
• There will be a brief stop at the scale before heading into the exam room, where things will look a little more normal.
• The Room Assistant will collect a patient history and may bring your pet into an adjacent exam area where safe personal distancing can be maintained.
• Your veterinarian will come into the room as soon as they can evaluate your pet to discuss a diagnostic and treatment plan.
• As often as we can, we will collect payment in the exam room to minimize contact with other clients in the reception area.

As always, we value your feedback, and look forward to improving this process. Thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding.

*Curbside Appointments include cellphone communication with the staff and case veterinarian and we will bring your pet unaccompanied into the building for exam and care. This is still the safest way to protect all parties from exposure to the Coronavirus and is recommended for families with children along or high-risk individuals.
*If you are exhibiting any symptoms, your appointment will still need to be curbside.,

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