5 Ways to Include Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

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February is here, and whether you’re single, dating or married, we all know the same day is on our minds this month: Valentine’s Day. If you’re wanting to make Valentine’s Day a little different this year, we thought this year could be the perfect time to make February 14th a day for pets as well…a “Pal”entine’s Day, if you will. Besides, with Valentine’s Day being all about love, who better to celebrate with than the ones who love us unconditionally every single day?

So, whether you’re stuck at home, social distancing or just looking for some things to do, here are a few of our favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day with your pet friend!

A Dinner for Two (or More)

A romantic playlist. Your favorite food. A candle. Your animal best friend. How great does that sound for Valentine’s Day?

You probably can’t take your pet to that fancy restaurant in town, but it is possible to make a totally special date with them at home. Homemade meals are a great way to show someone that you care about them, and that includes your pet! While you’re making your grocery list for things to cook with, make sure you take the time to look into those pet-friendly recipes and pick up whatever you need for those as well.

Skip the hustle and bustle of last-minute reservations (we’ve all been there). Skip the canned or bagged traditional petfood that your pet always gets. Roll up those sleeves, throw a towel over your shoulder and get to cooking! If you need some ideas of what to cook for your pet, here are a few recipes we found for some reference:

Pet Pasta

Salmon Cakes


Valentine’s Not-so-Chocolates

Boxes of chocolates are great for us, but they aren’t so great for pets. Instead of running to the candy or chocolate aisles, try making some treats at home for your pet to enjoy before or after dinner! There are plenty of pet-friendly treats to try, so don’t think losing those human sweets options keep your options limited. Here are some that you might want to try:

Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Treat

Valentine’s Day Cat Treat

Pet-Friendly Ice Cream

If you’re itching to get out of the house with your pet, there are other options as well. Businesses like pet bakeries have begun popping up all across the country with treats catered to any dietary restrictions your pet may have.

Having a sweet tooth is great, but we do know that dental health is also an overlooked aspect of pet health among owners. While your pet is giving you some cuddles and kisses during your Valentine’s Day festivities, check their breath. Bad breath is a sign that it may be time for a quick dental appointment for them, and what better month than February? February isn’t just the month of love, but it’s also National Pet Dental Health Month, so bring them by the clinic this month and get their smiles taken care of!

Snuggles and Popcorn

For those of you homebodies out there, a movie night is a great idea for you and your pet. Pets are the best built-in cuddle buddies and would love nothing more than to sit by your side and enjoy a classic romance/rom-com movie with you. Whether your tradition is watching The Notebook by yourself, with your other single friends or with your significant other, make some room on the couch for your furry friend this year.

Also, if you’re planning on having some snacks while you watch the movie, make sure to be careful about what you eat and where you place it. We get it. M&Ms and savory buttered popcorn are an important part of the movie watching experience, but they would make the experience not so enjoyable for your pet. If you decide to eat these treats, make sure you set them down somewhere away from the pet so only you can reach it.

So, grab your favorite blanket, throw on your favorite sweats and get to watching!

Have a Spa(w) Date

We all need to take a moment to relax from time to time. Whether it’s a massage, a fresh new haircut, a mani/pedicure, or just a nice long bath, a little pampering is always a good idea for humans and animals alike. This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take some time for a spa day with your pet! Now, you might not be a pro, but with a few handy pet massaging tools, you can give your pet the massage they need to alleviate some stiffness and tension. Before settling in for a bath of your own, maybe give your pet that bath that may be a little overdue (just make sure to clean the bath out before you get in yourself). If you feel like getting out of the house and going the extra mile, you may be able to find an actual spa that allows you and your pet to get some special treatment together! Check out local listings and see if there are any such spas near you.

If your pet is needing some freshening up beyond just a clean, take them to your local groomer to get them nice and trimmed up. We, as people, know the feeling we get when we get our hair done or cut. Treat your furry best friend to that same feeling and more this Valentine’s Day! They deserve it more than most.

Your Ultimate Wingman/woman

Valentine’s Day is all about the love people share with each other, and even though this blog is technically for you and your pet, here’s a fun way to get another person involved as well. A pet play date is not only a great way for your pet to enjoy themselves with a fellow pet, but it’s also a great way for you to spend time with someone you care about as well! Whether it’s just a friend, someone you’re interested in or even if it’s someone who is already your significant other, play dates for your pets (if they are also a pet owner) are a good time for all parties involved.

This idea is also able to incorporate each of the other ideas listed above as well. While your pets are playing, spend some time cooking, baking or prepping for your Valentine’s Day festivities and traditions! If you decide to get out of the house to do the spa(w) day, make a full day out of it and enjoy some time shopping for you and your pets while they get pampered. Regardless, by the end of the day, you’d be glad to have spent time with the ones you love, humans and animals alike.

A Word From Arvada Veterinary Hospital

Whether February is a month when All You Need is Love, or a month when you Can’t Help Falling in Love, we hope you take the time to recognize and celebrate your pets at home who love you Just the Way You Are. So, throw on Your Song, hug the one you L-O-V-E (your pet), and tell them, “You’re Still the One. I Will Always Love You.”

Now, hear us out while we’re Thinking Out Loud. God Only Knows how long it’s been since your pet’s last dental health check (could have been A Thousand Years), but just know we’ve been Thinkin Bout You, so as a reminder, while you’re spending time with your pet this February 14th, maybe check and see if it’s time for a dental check-up for them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Also, if you haven’t made a playlist for Valentine’s Day, we kind of just made on for you! Guess we just had Love on the Brain.

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