Pet Surgery in Arvada, CO

Our top priority for your pet’s surgery care is to keep them


We prioritize educating our clients, so you know the appropriate aftercare for your pet. We use state-of-the-art surgical equipment so your pet can heal faster with less pain.


Spaying & Neutering
Mass Removal
Cruciate Ligament Repairs
Laceration Repair
Ocular Procedures


A prophylactic gastropexy could save your dog’s life. There are several breeds such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Akitas, Shepherds, Wolfhounds, Dobermans, Setters, Basset Hounds, and Weimaraners that are predisposed to Gastric Dilatation with Volvulus (GDV). This condition occurs when the stomach twists on itself, which in effect, strangles the blood supply to the stomach and spleen. Many owners prefer to prevent rather than to cure (when their pet is in critical condition) and choose to do a gastropexy at the time of their dog’s spay or neuter. Done laparoscopically, this can be a minimally invasive way to tack the stomach to the body wall and hopefully prevent the potential threat of a torsion.

Risk Reduction

Although many technological advancements have made anesthesia and surgery very safe for pets, some risks still exist. To decrease these risks, we require all patients undergo a physical exam prior to surgery and also conduct a pre-anesthetic blood screening before surgery day. This blood panel will help reduce anesthetic risks by ruling out many internal problems, including clotting disorders, liver and kidney abnormalities and anemia. In addition to the examination and blood screening, we also place an intravenous catheter and administer fluids to help keep your pet hydrated and maintain blood pressure during the procedure.

Specialty Services

  • Dr. Don Kerrihard is a mobile surgeon that is available to perform advanced orthopedic procedures, including cruciate ligament repairs.
  • Dr. Christina Copple is a radiologist that we partner with. She travels to AVH to perform specialist ultrasounds and to do bimonthly radiology reviews of all of our x-rays.

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